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Medi-health Clinic 2

In 2012, LKMWT established a second clinic at Malir Khokapar, Karachi. Medi-Health II is also a primary healthcare clinic which provides basic health care facilities to the residents of the area and surrounding localities. Compared with Medi-Health I, Medi-Health II has achieved progressive success in terms of registered patients, despite its comparative lack of facilities. Soon, Medi-Health II plans on expanding in other areas of healthcare, such as gynecology, dental etc.

Medical Care Available

Equipped with Sugar testing facility

Minor Emergency Care

General OPD

Staff Details

1 Male doctor

1 Paramedic

Other non- technical staff

Daily Average Patients visits – 50

Operating hours: 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Regular registered patients: Over 15,000 people