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About Us

The Latif Kapadia Memorial Welfare Trust U.S Chapter was established by a team of admirers of the renowned actor Latif Kapadia. The Trust’s establishment was an act to continue Latif Kapadia’s mission of spreading happiness, even after his departure for his heavenly abode.

Every year thousands of lives are lost due to the non-availability of proper medical care. Pakistan’s infant mortality rate is 65 per 1000 live births which is very high. In Karachi’s peripheries, medical facilities are either limited or non-existent. Most of the residents of these areas either have to travel long distances to get treatment in government medical hospitals, which are over-occupied, or go to private hospitals where fees are very high.

The trust’s main focus is to cater to the needs of these members of Pakistani society. It provides support to three clinics, situated in the outskirts of the city, that cater to the general public who are unable to afford the high fees of private doctors. Every year more than 25,000 patients visit these Medi-Health clinics for highly subsidized treatment. The number of patients is increasing every year.

We are determined to reach out to cater to these needy members of Pakistani society and are committed to improving the services and facilities we can make available to them.

Our management team is composed of Latif Kapadia’s family members:

  • Mr. Ahmed Hussain Kapadia President
  • Mrs. Aquila Aswat Managing Director